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As our demand for service increases, our available space decreases and wait times increase. Please continue to be patient with us as we play catch up with our tremendous workload. Complex repairs require that we be on our A-game, and we refuse to cut corners just to boost our numbers. PLEASE - NO CALLS FOR STATUS UPDATES BEFORE 4PM. If we're on the phone we can't fix machines - and the machine we stop working on could well be yours!

Due to the vast influx of sets, we will only take in selected Home Theater Receivers with straight-forward repairs. Complex failures that require scary disassembly we cannot process at this time.

Consoles come to a halt - No new console repairs until further notice.

We are full and cannot accept any more console work at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will post change when we have working room again. However if it's just the turntable that requires service, remove it and bring it to us for service. 

Home Theater owners, please read

Remember to bring your remote control with you, as some problems require reprogramming with the remote control after repair. If we don't need it we'll send it back home with you. 
Be aware that we cannot service HDMI related failures. The large monolithic boards are not servicable at the component level, and the minor repairs that can be made never last. If you have an  HDMI related failure, its best to send it back to the manufacturer.


We do not provide a free estiamte.

We charge $15 - $25 for an examination of each set at the counter while you wait. If you leave the set for repair, this fee is included in the estimate.This fee is due and payable regardless of whether you agree with our findings.

If you can't wait, or if the failure needs a closer look, we take your set in on a diagnosis (usually $45). This fee will be included in your estimate. (We don't "piggyback" the while-you-wait fee with the diagnosis. Its one or the other.

Often, we can fix your set while you wait. Typically this runs $30 - $75 plus parts.

On ALL sets left for repair, we collect a Minimum Service Charge in advance (usually $45). This fee is non-refundable. All sets are formally invoiced. 

We do not allow "Drop and run"

Payment methods accepted:

We accept all major forms of payment except American Express. 

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