Classic Audio Repair, Inc ca. reg. E88859 
Call or Text (619) 292-8642
Specializing in repair and restoration of vintage audio 
8872 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91942 - <- click for map
Business Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm. Monday thru Friday
Appointments have priority,
though walk-ins are welcome.
Reserve enough time for us to examine your set briefly
before a work order is written.
We are looking for skilled technician familiar with servicing vintage audio equipment.

Candidates should possess:
1. An understanding of electronics theory and can read schematics
2. An understanding of transistor theory for both bi-polar and fet devices and designs.
3. An understanding of vacuum tube theory and proper operation of tubes in different circuits they are in
4. Mechanical knowledge and be able to disassemble, service, clean and relubricate a veriety of small mechanisms found in turntables, tape decks, 8 tracks, and reel to reels.
5. An understanding of how loudspeakers work and how to rebuild them.

Applicants may call to schedule an interview anytime during normal business hours. A degree is a plus, but is not required. The demonstration of your skillset will determine pay to start.

Call or text us. 619-292-8642


Come By TODAY and get your gear serviced.

Repaired and Ready Sony 5 Disc CD changers

All Approved Estimates MUST be in writing.
This can be an email, text message, or letter via postal mail.

San Diego County's #1 source for the repair and restoration of classic and vintage audio.

~Turntables (old & new)
~Vintage Receivers
~Vintage Tube Amps, Preamps and Receivers!
~Home Speakers -- Refoam, Recone & Crossover
~Cassette Decks
~Reel to Reels
~8 Track Recorders and Players
~Antique Radios (post WW2)

We service most major brands.
Pioneer, Marantz,
Sansui, Kenwood, Yamaha, Technics, McIntosh, Sony, Fisher, H.H. Scott
When in doubt, CALL!

Items For Sale:
Replacement turntable needles - call to see  if we have yours!
Replacement cartridges starting at $40
Phono Preamps
Refurbished Sony Cassette Decks and CD Players

spec2 amplifier

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