Classic Audio Repair, Inc ca. reg. E88859 
Your Source for repair and restoration of vintage audio
(619) 282-9101 or toll free (800) 544-2100  CLICK HERE TO TEXT US
3401-F Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116 - <- click for map
   HOURS: 9:30a-5:30pm  Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri  ||  9:30a - 1:30p Saturday. CLOSED THURSDAY AND SUNDAY
LAST INTAKE on Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 5:00PM. - - -  LAST INTAKE on Saturday: 1PM


We Do NOT Accept Wet Equipment of any kind.

Malicious Rumor: Someone has been spreading a rumor that we are moving out immediately or are closing down. THIS IS WRONG!
IN FACT, we will be moving in May to our new location at 8872 La Mesa Blvd.

We are San Diego's #1 source for the repair and restoration of classic and vintage audio.

Vintage Receivers
Home Speakers, including reconing and refoaming
Vintage Tube Amps, Preamps and receivers!
Cassette Decks
Reel To Reels
8 Track Recorders and Players
Consoles (see left)
Antique Radios (post WW2)

We Briefly Examine your gear while you wait and can ususally come up with a Diagnosis within a few minutes!

Full on Diagnostic services available starting at $60, $120 for Consoles (Please make appointment for consoles)

Expedited Service available on select repairs (when parts are in stock and time permits)

We service Most major brands. When in doubt, CALL!

A large Variety of Replacement Turntable Needles
Replacement cartridges starting at $40
Phono Preamps
A Small Selection of used, serviced audio equipment (call us!)

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